Air Data Computers

Our Air Data Computers (ADC) are available in a number of configurations for a variety of applications, including UAV applications. Since its market introduction our family of ADCs has proven to provide outstanding performance, high accuracy and very long term stability.

Existing Programs

Introduced in 2001, Air Data’s line of ADCs has been selected for a number of important programs. For example, Air Data’s ADCs are an integral part of one of the world’s largest production UAV program and have been selected for an important European UAV program. Other customers for the ADC include helicopter manufacturers, systems integrators and modification centers.

Air Data’s line of ADCs are designed to measure and compute navigation parameters in transport aircraft, high speed military trainers, helicopters and unmanned vehicles (UAV). Parameters such as pressure altitude, baro-corrected altitude, altitude rate of change, computed and true airspeeds, Mach number and static air temperature are computed. A comprehensive built-in test (BIT) function that provides high-reliability fault detection and isolation capability is also one of their features. The unit packaging is extremely robust and provides standard pitot and static tubing interface.


  • Easily tailored to any flight application.
  • Very high accuracy, +/- 5 feet typical at sea level.
  • Long term stability.
  • Interface to most OAT or TAT probes.
  • Powerful CPU with expansion capability.
  • Severe indirect lightning protection and 150 V/m HIRF.
  • Optional discrete I/O’s.
  • Many models already TSO certified.