About Us


Design, manufacture and support of avionics and power management products for integrators of level 1 and 2 of the civil and military aerospace sector.


Air Data was founded in Montreal in 1990 and its co-founder, Jean-Pierre Lepage, is the current President.

Air Data developed its technical expertise in microwave circuits and designed systems for US Air Force’s (C-130, C-17) during the first years of its existence. In 1997, Air Data developed and produced its first avionics units for helicopters (created for the Bell 407 program) and very quickly Air Data extended its range of helicopter avionics products. Since then, many avionics systems have been developed and manufactured for airliners and business aircraft.

Air Data has gained expertise in air data computers (ADC), air data probes (Pitot tube), power solutions and a wide range of specialized avionics equipment solutions which encompass a variety of technologies including precision landing (MLS), cockpit displays and cabin communication systems.

More recently, Air Data entered the booming Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) market in offering Air Data Computers and a compact lightweight Pitot Static Probe that can be tailored to a variety of UAV application requirements. Air Data positions itself as a major player in this new field in providing tailor-made solutions to UAV manufacturers.

Code of Conduct

Air Data Inc. is proud to offer its customers services which are guided by a set of values shared by all employees:
• customer respect;
• the integrity of its business relationships;
• on budget and on time delivery;
• the quality of services offered;
• sustainable partnership relationship;
• a management style based on respect and listening to its employees;
• teamwork and creativity in the developed solutions;
• maintain and development of technical expertise at the highest level