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Discover our Advanced Aviation Electronics Solutions

Air Data provides advanced aviation electronics solutions, support and expertise to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Our engineering team has experience ranging from circuit board design to complete system design and certification. A motivated and experienced workforce ensures reliability, responsiveness, flexibility and superior customer service.

Throughout the years, the company has combined its high avionic expertise and new technological advances to enhance its products which include Air Data Computers, Pitot Static Probes and Specialized Avionics.

From helicopters and commercial jets to military and unmanned aircraft applications, our products can be installed on almost every type of aircraft.

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Power Solutions & Supplies

Cost-effective Power Solutions with Higher Reliability and Performance

Air Data specializes in providing Power Solutions to OEM’s serving the aerospace industry with products designed for commercial and business aircraft, including helicopters.

Air Data Power Solutions include Motor Controls, Power Supplies and Generator Control Units. In addition to our standard products, Air Data offers complete custom design solutions to meet OEM’s unique power solution needs.

Air Data team of highly qualified engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the following Power Solution areas:


  • Motor Control
  • Generator Control Unit
  • Power Supply

Air Data’s team of Power Solutions experts is responsible for complete product development from concept to production and has the flexibility to quickly respond to customers’ needs and offer innovative Power Solutions concepts.

Air Data cost-effective Power Solutions offer higher reliability and performance while reducing weight and lowering operating costs.

Air Data Power Solutions tests are performed in our own environmental and EMI/EMC laboratories; this approach ensures rapid and successful development of our Power Solutions new designs.

Greener aircraft of the future will demand more electrical systems and Power Solutions. Air Data stands ready to develop and offer Power Solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in designing “more electrical” aircraft.

Products · Power Solutions & Supplies

Motor Control

Generator Control Unit

Power Supplies