Motor Control

Motor Control PCU-Hybrid Module

PCU Hybrid Module

Air Data’s expertise in power conversion products is well recognized by the industry. Activities from design phase, prototyping, qualification testing and production are all conducted in our facility. Capabilities and knowhow for commercial and military avionics applications extend from low power DC-DC multiple outputs to AC-DC power supply, generator controller for primary 28V bus power and power motor control. Custom or semi custom design is provided based on specific customer requirements.


  • Proprietary POWER HYBRID for 28V Bus fully integrated Power MOSFET module, three phase motor bridge with integrated main bus switch.
  • Passive or Synchronous rectification for AC-DC power conditioning
  • AlSiC substrate for high thermal transfer and 1KV isolation
  • Up to 250 A motor current leg capability for high torque
  • Cycle by cycle current limiting
  • Very low RDSON less than 1.4 mOhm
  • Hybrid module foot print 4.85 L x 4.5 W x 1.1 H (dimensions in inches)
  • Speed and current closed loop regulation capability
  • Wide temperature range operation -75C to +100C.
  • Rugged design up to 100 V transients