Helicopter Avionics

Air Data has developed the skills, tools and know-how to work as a highly valued partner with aircraft OEMs, from the preliminary study to the manufacturing phase of tailor-made avionics systems. Air Data also has a complete laboratory for environmental testing and qualification of its products.

In addition to its specialized avionics for all aircraft types, Air Data’s innovative applications are found in various systems aboard helicopters:

  • Fuel Gauging and Management
  • Data Communications
  • Sensors and Detectors
  • Cockpit Display Instruments
  • Flight Control Equipment
  • Electromagnetic Actuators
  • Microwave Landing Systems

Air Data Helicopter Pedal Restrictor Control UnitAir Data designs and manufactures a Pedal Restrictor Control Unit for commercial helicopters. The Pedal Restrictor Control Unit is a solid state air data sensing Electronic Control Unit that provides an output to the solenoid that mechanically restricts the pedal movement when the indicated airspeed reaches a predetermined airspeed.
Air Data Helicopter Fuel Transfer Control UnitAir Data’s Fuel Transfer Control Unit is an Electronic Control Unit that controls the fuel transfer between the various fuel tanks in the helicopter to keep the Center of Gravity within allowable limits. Used in conjonction with an Integrated Instrument Display Systems (IIDS), the FTCU provides fuel transfer monitoring and caution indication to the flight crew in case of system failure. The FTCU is used on the Bell Helicopter 427 aircraft.
Air Data Helicopter RPM SensorThe RPM Sensor is an electronic tachometer used on helicopters. It monitors an electrical signal which varies directly with the rotational speed of the main rotor.

Contrary to former analog technologies, the electrical signal is digitally analyzed by software. The characteristics measured are compared to predetermined levels to generate alarm signals for the pilot, if necessary.

The RPM Sensor was designed in compliance with software standard RTCA/DO-178B, level B, and environment standard RTCA/DO-160C. The unit is a standard installation on the Bell-407.

Using the latest technologies in microcontrollers, the RPM Sensor is a light, compact unit whose design ensures excellent protection against electromagnetic interferences and reliable operation in extreme-temperature conditions.


  • Airtight aluminum casing
  • Compact (2″ X 2 1/2″ X 1 1/2″)
  • Light (260 g)
  • Wide power range (18 – 50 VDC)
  • Clear transitions with hysteresis
  • Digital reference clock stable at 100 ppm