Pitot Probes

Air Data Pitot ProbeIntroduced in 2006, Air Data Pitot probes have been selected for a number of important programs. Air Data’s Pitot Static Probes are heated, measure dynamic and static pressures and can be tailored to various application requirements.

This small Pitot Static Probe (PSP) is heated and measures dynamic and static pressures. It is lightweight and compact and can be tailored to various commercial application requirements. In addition, this rugged Pitot Static Probe (PSP) has a built in temperature regulator that reduces aircraft power requirement.

Pitot Probe Features

Air Data Pitot Probe Specifications

Air Data Pitot Probe Specifications

• Easily adaptable to various types of UAV and FAR Part 23 aircraft
• Lightweight and compact (0.630 inch diameter)
• Low power consumption (150W max)
• Integrated boom holder
• Input Voltage
• Built in Overvoltage Protection
• Anti-Icing and De-Icing Capability
• Internal Control module regulating deicing power requirements
• Probe cover protection
• No scheduled maintenance required