Air Data Suppliers

Working Together to Deliver Product Innovation and Excellence

Air Data Inc. is committed to maintain our world-class performance, competitiveness and track record of excellence in quality, safety and innovation. Our customers expect performance, reliability, on-time delivery and exceptional service.

Like us, our suppliers focus on delivering the highest quality engineering and products, as well as supply chain excellence.

Current Suppliers

Our customers’ expectations in getting the highest performance are met by collaborating with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and innovation. Air Data’s culture delivers open, honest and effective communication with our customers and partners to meet these expectations. We provide access to sales orders, delivery schedules and customs-related data in order to facilitate data exchange and quality of information. Contributing to a shorter procurement, purchasing and delivery cycle.

Air Data Inc. constantly strives to comply with the principles of competition. The selection criteria used are comparative and based on performance, cost, lead-time, quality and reliability.

Relations between Air Data and its suppliers are built on a model of cooperation and fair treatment.

Potential Suppliers

To pursue our mission of delivering world-class performance, we are always seeking for new opportunities to optimize our supply base. Any company wishing to offer its services to Air Data must be referenced in our supplier database. If you are a supplier interested in conducting business with Air Data, please contact us and we will register your company in our supplier database. Then we will contact you when we have an opportunity that matches your capabilities.

Please see below for Air Data’s Standard Supplier Terms and Conditions and quality requirements.

Supplier Standard Quality Clauses
Supplier Standard Terms and Conditions